The Band


Samantha Willis Vocals Vox Vocalist


Samantha Willis

Samantha Willis is a vocalist/actress residing in the city of Seattle. With a deep rich colorful voice, Samantha captures the gut wretching emotion buried deep between the notes of every song she sings. Willis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Vocal Performance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Her styles range from opera/classical voice to musical, pop, jazz, R&B, and rock. An amazing work ethic and a desire to grow as an artist makes Samantha one of the faces to look out for in the up coming years.

Samantha is frequently featured around town as a guest vocalist and has most recently began a new project as a permanent member of the casino band “PopRocks.” See or for info.

She has started a new collaboration with TubaLuba, Seattle’s pioneer for a sound described as Jambalaya Brass Rock (with a little funk).

Horn Section

The Chancellors Band Horn Section Brian Bermudez Jamie Paulson Carey Rayburn

Carey Rayburn – Trumpet

Born and raised in Seabeck WA, Carey Rayburn received his Bachelor’s Degree in Trumpet Performance at the University of Washington and shortly after began playing with all sorts of disreputable groups around Seattle.

Currently Carey spends his time playing as a freelance artist, doing studio recordings, musicals, writing and performing original arrangements, teaching trumpet performance. and running his own band, the Electro Swing group Good Co (

Brian Bermudez – Sax

Seattle native Brian Bermudez is a cross-genre saxophonist who can be found performing regularly as a sideman across the Pacific Northwest. An avid and competent improviser and reader, he has been steadily making an impression on the scene with the presence of his tone.

Jamie Paulson – Trombone

Raised in the wilds of suburban Cascadia, Jamie Paulson benefitted from strong local music education programs to become one of the more versatile and in-demand trombonists in Seattle. Jamie performs regularly with a number of jazz, funk, Latin, and pop groups. During the day he does something with computers.

Rhythm Section

The Chancellors Band Rhythm Section Jake Sele Keyboards Tristan Gianola Guitar Nick Lonien Bass Joe Eck Drum

Tristan Gianola – Guitar/Bandleader

Tristan Gianola is an active guitarist, composer and arranger based in the Seattle area. Prior to joining the Seattle music scene Gianola studied composition, conducting and guitar at Cornish College of The Arts.

A versatile guitarist, Gianola has specialized in rock, country, funk, metal, free improvisation, jazz, progressive, R&B, folk and more. Current bands he plays in include SpiceRack, Beth Fleenor’s Boom Boom Band, Electric Circus, Being John Mclaughlin (tribute to Mahavishnu Orchestra), The Chancellors. Past projects include Tristan Gianola Quintet, Torture Garden (Tribute to Naked City w/ Wayne Horvitz), Sydnee Ranee Band, Music of Henry Mancini, Music of Barbra Streisand & Karen Carpenter, Scary Music Ensemble, Film Improvisation Ensemble, Spontaneous Rex, Mullet and many more. When he is not performing he keeps busy working alongside Wayne Horvitz at The Royal Room in Columbia City.

As a composer Gianola has composed and arranged for orchestra, big band, wind ensemble, opera, chorus, string quartet, rock bands, various chamber ensembles and more.

Jake Sele – Keys

Jake Sele graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and Composition from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013 and has quickly become an established performer in the Seattle music scene.  Jake has toured throughout the United States and Canada playing piano/keyboards (as well as the occasional trombone) and performs with several bands in Seattle, genres including salsa, rock, funk, jazz, and experimental groups. In his other work as a musician, Jake has composed and arranged for musicals, funk groups, salsa bands, string quartets, chamber ensembles, large orchestras, and more. You can check out Jake’s own group, Spontaneous Rex, here (

Nick Lonien – Bass

Joe Eck – Drums

Born and raised in the wilds of Minnesota, Joe Eck has spent the last five years establishing himself as a serious force to be reckoned with in Seattle’s vibrant music community.  He graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts in 2012, with a degree in Jazz Performance where he studied with greats such as Julian Priester, Jim Knapp and Jovino Santos-Neto.  Joe can be seen performing frequently with a wide variety of artists across the Pacific Northwest, playing all kinds of music from funk to samba, jazz, musical theater, and crushing heavy metal.